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by Service Dealer Editor, Steve Gibbs
Steve Gibbs

With a fascinating booking for the keynote at November's Service Dealer Conference, readers can look forward to some much needed positive encouragement.


Exciting news today! The organisers of November's Service Dealer Conference & Awards have announced who will be delivering this year's keynote address - and it's a fascinating one.


Confirmed for the DoubleTree by Hilton Oxford Belfry is Robin Horsfall, an ex-SAS soldier and a member of the counter terrorist team that memorably stormed the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980. Remarkably he was part of those iconic images we all know so well, of that elite squad helping to rescue the nineteen hostages who had been held for six days.


These days Robin is a motivational speaker, author and veteran’s campaigner, who will be talking to our dealer delegates on the theme of overcoming adversity and motivating teams.


I must say, I think this is an inspired booking on behalf of the organisers. I have a feeling that our dealer readers will have an overwhelmingly positive response to Robin's style and the wisdom he has to impart. Because, let's face it, adversity is a concept that dealers are unfortunately only too familiar with - especially over the past couple of unprecedented years. 


Through conversations we've had with our readers we're acutely aware of how issues such as the pandemic, recruitment and supply have affected the network. We've been told how it can feel at times like fires are constantly being fought and tails perennially chased.


And these issues aren't even the big one that industry members regularly cite as being the principal factor regarding a good or a bad season. Rather than any economic or political consideration, including the incoming recession, weather is of course always going to be the number one influencer - and right now we're seeing some extreme conditions in play.


Hosepipe bans are spreading, the term drought is being used more frequently and the grass is scorched across swathes of the country. So that famed dealer resilience is being tested once again. 


By the time we get around to November 24th, Robin's presentation will be a welcomed intervention - offering delegates some much needed inspiration to take back to their dealerships. 


There are more announcements to come for the Conference too. Robin's is the keynote speech, but as ever there are further presentations to be confirmed, including interactive sessions and the ever-popular breakout seminars. I always feel these offer great scope for the dealer delegates to interact with the expert speakers, and crucially, with their peers and colleagues in the room - hopefully leading to a greater understanding of the topics under discussion.


As previously mentioned, this year's overarching theme for the Conference is Sustaining Dealerships. The day will be looking at methods dealers might think about for matters of recruitment, retention, and succession - all topics that readers have shared with us their concerns over.


So do mark November 24th in your diary. If you can spare a day away from the business, a trip to Oxfordshire could offer that spark of inspiration that makes a real difference in the business this year.


Further details of the event will be released via the magazine and this Update over the coming weeks, so do keep an eye out. Also the all-important information regarding this year's Dealer Of The Year competition will be announced soon as well.


Despite all the doom and gloom everywhere, there should be some exciting times ahead.

At Service Dealer Conference
Robin Horsfall

Robin Horsfall was a member of the SAS counter terrorist team that stormed the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980.


Service Dealer has announced that the keynote address at November's Conference will be delivered by Robin Horsfall, a former SAS solider turned motivational speaker, author and veteran’s campaigner, who will speaking on overcoming adversity and motivating teams.


Having followed an extraordinary lifepath, Robin’s extensive career both in and beyond the armed forces has given him valuable insights into “what makes people tick”.

From fighting on the frontline as an SAS Royal Marine sniper, to attending to urgent medical needs as a paramedic, from establishing and teaching at his successful martial arts academy, to beating the medical odds – Robin, is well aware of the factors that keep people motivated, even in the face of challenges. 

During his keynote, delegates will discover a fascinating life as Robin shares stories from his extensive military career, as well as his own personal experiences and how they relate to his underlying theme of overcoming adversity.

Robin was also a member of the SAS counter terrorist team that famously stormed the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980, helping to rescue the nineteen hostages who had been held for six days.

He has had an extraordinary life and has been speaking about it at events both small and large for over 10 years.

Service Dealer owner Duncan Murray-Clarke said, “We are delighted to confirm Robin for our Conference this year.

“I have been following Robin’s posts for some time. His credentials speak for themselves and I find him to be clear in his beliefs and extremely knowledgeable.  


"The insight he has shared regarding the situation in Ukraine has been important and he expresses his considered opinions thoughtfully. I can’t wait to hear his keynote at this year’s Conference which I know will spark plenty of conversation.”

Taking place on Thursday 24th November 2022 once again at the Double Tree by Hilton Oxford Belfry Hotel, Thame, Oxfordshire, the theme for this year's event is Sustaining Dealerships.


Further details about the Conference, including more speaker announcements, will be made in the coming weeks.

With battery tool manufacturer
The new range

In this week's WEB ONLY story, a new team has been set up, dedicated to the range.


With UK distributor

The change comes after 12 years and following the acquisition of AS-Motor GmbH by Ariens Co in May 2021.


PSD Groundscare has announced that it will be ending its partnership with AS-Motor GmbH, after 12 years.



The change comes following the acquisition of AS-Motor GmbH by Ariens Co in May 2021, who have now made the decision to streamline their route into key European markets.


As a result of this change in strategic direction, AS-Motor GmbH and PSD Groundscare Limited say they have amicably reached a mutual agreement to end the terms of their current distribution arrangements which will take effect from 31 August 2022. 


To minimise disruption to the market, as part of the agreement between the companies, all outstanding customer orders that have been delayed due to the current supply chain issues at AS Motor will be honoured and supplied via PSD to its customers. Until 31st August PSD say it is business as usual with them continuing to offer product, parts and warranty support for AS Motor. After the termination date these responsibilities will pass back to AS Motor.   


AS-Motor GmbH have expressed their thanks to PSD Groundscare for their dedication and hard work in building and developing the sales and brand awareness of ASM in the UK over the past 12 years and have worked together positively and in a spirit of good faith, fair dealing and partnership. 


Sales director Stuart Mercer said, “When we began to work with AS-Motor our values were strongly aligned as two family businesses, working towards a common aim, however, we have to recognise that since the acquisition by Ariens the direction of the organisation has changed significantly. Whilst PSD will no longer be representing AS Motor in the UK we wish them well with their future distribution plans after a very successful 12 year partnership.”

“We are viewing the change in circumstance as a great opportunity for realignment within PSD. This will allow us to place a greater focus on our key relationships with Eliet and Koppl and to introduce new, innovative and a more expansive range of products to our dealer partners throughout the UK that will help our customers meet the challenges of the future. Our plans will be revealed in the coming weeks. “


Managing director Chris Gibson added, “Over the years PSD have had a policy of being easy to do business with and providing dealers with an innovative range of equipment. The change we are announcing today will provide us and our customers with many new and exciting opportunities that we will look forward to sharing with them over the coming weeks, so it’s very much a case of watch this space.” 

Awards presented
Dealerships have been awarded

Dealers honoured whose performance in the areas of service, parts and skills reflect "outstanding customer service standards, goals and considerations".  


Reesink UK have announced they have awarded their dealers whose performance in the three areas of service, parts and skills have reflected outstanding customer service standards, goals and considerations.



The company say they award those dealers achieving the best scores in keeping with its Service Level Agreement, which benchmarks great customer service, and the highest combined score across all three categories wins an overall Dealer of the Year for Excellence in Customer Support. In 2021 that  award went to Lloyd Limited in Carlisle. 


Lloyd Limited also won Gold for Excellence in Skills; while Cheshire Turf Machinery topped the bill for Excellence in Service; and Excellence in Parts went to Reesink Turfcare South East.


Reesink Turfcare South East also got a silver hat-trick for Excellence in Service, Excellence in Skills and Aftermarket Dealer of Excellence; and Reesink Turfcare Scotland took home silver for Excellence in Parts.


Lee Rowbotham, service and training manager at Reesink UK, said, “The Aftermarket Dealer Awards are how we thank our service locations for showcasing the high standards for customer service Reesink has. And illustrating to customers that our core customer service standards, goals and considerations reach them.”


Reflecting on the win, Simon Burton, group aftersales manager at Lloyd Ltd, said, “We’re delighted to have won two awards. It’s fantastic to know that our policy for maximising service personnel skills through manufacturer training is being recognised. With the support of our Reesink product specialist and service manager we have achieved the Aftermarket Dealer Award and this demonstrates the importance of working closely with Reesink and shows what can be achieved from a strong partnership.”


Peter Biddlecombe, aftersales manager at Reesink Turfcare South East said, “The annual awards are really important as they give an immediate indicator of current aftersales service levels and other areas to focus on accordingly. Receiving awards is an achievement to be proud of and brilliant for staff members to recognise they’re doing a good job. It shows customers you’re a trusted company as an award winner and positions you as one of the best in the field.”


Mark Woodward, service director at Cheshire Turf Machinery, said, “The Toro Excellence in Service award is extremely important to Cheshire Turf Machinery and is our third accolade in succession. This is a testament to all our staff who work incredibly hard throughout the year maintaining consistently high standards and giving peace of mind to all our customers”.


Lee concluded, “Over the years, we have continually invested in our customer service and especially so in our after sales offering and to see that represented by the dealers so brilliantly means we are achieving in our goal to keep on improving the overall experience for all our customers.”  

Of 2022's Service Dealer Conference & Awards
Service Dealer Conference & Awards 2022

Societe Generale Equipment Finance have been added to the list of sponsors for November's Service Dealer Conference & Awards.

Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF)  have been announced as a sponsor of this year's Service Dealer Conference & Awards.


Taking place on Thursday 24th November 2022 once again at the Double Tree by Hilton Oxford Belfry Hotel, Thame, Oxfordshire, the theme for this year's event is Sustaining Dealerships.


The company has been confirmed as a Gold Sponsor of the event.



Steven Davies, head of agriculture at the the company, said, "Societe Generale Equipment Finance is delighted to be a sponsor of the Service Dealer Awards 2022.


"As a global leader and an award-winning funder for the provision of vendor and equipment finance for businesses, we provide a wide range of flexible financial solutions for agricultural investments from agricultural machinery, livestock and buildings to renewable energy and new technologies.


"Service Dealer’s focus on sustainability aligns closely with SGEF’s commitment to build together with our clients and partners a sustainable future through innovative and meaningful finance solutions."


Additional details regarding the Service Dealer Conference & Awards will be announced soon.


Targeted at military service leavers
William Foster

Manufacturer is calling on former and soon-to-be ex-servicemen and women to consider joining its dealership network as qualified technicians.


John Deere is calling on former and soon-to-be ex-servicemen and women to consider joining its dealership network as qualified technicians.


William Foster pursued a career within the agricultural engineering sector after 23 years’ service in the army


With many transferrable skills, the manufacturer believes those with experience of military machines will be perfectly placed for a new career working with advanced agricultural and turfcare equipment. 


The company has announced that it will hold a free online careers event on 1 September 2022, where attendees will hear from individuals who have transitioned from military service into the John Deere dealership network. 


One speaker will be ex-serviceman William Foster who left the Army after 23 years' service and completed multiple operational tours including Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. 


Upon leaving, he was faced with the prospect of securing new employment - a task further complicated by the first Covid lockdown beginning just four days after he left the services.


Although he didn’t get the first job he originally applied for at John Deere, it did, however, make him more determined to pursue a career within the agricultural engineering sector and focus his attention on how to best achieve his goals.


“Not getting that job made me realise just how much I wanted to work with John Deere,” William says.


“I decided to own that dream, put a professional spin on it and see if I could turn it into my next full career.”


William landed his dream job as an agricultural engineer at Ben Burgess in Oakham, Rutland


To gain experience, William volunteered his time at one of John Deere’s dealerships and secured a job at another, before finally landing his ultimate job as an agricultural engineer at Ben Burgess in Oakham, Rutland.


“The similarities between this role and my career in the Army are uncanny,” William says.


“I look at the depot as my Forward Operating Base, the surrounding areas as my Area of Responsibility and the enemy as being breakdowns to deal with.


“If you can fix a tank, you can fix a tractor.”


John Deere is holding the online careers event for anyone who wants to find out more about the role of a qualified technician, working in either the turf or agricultural sector, on 1 September at 7pm.


The event is open to all who register for free on this link.


“It’s an incredibly exciting time to work in the agricultural industry,” says John Deere branch training manager, Allan Cochran. 


“It’s a great, rewarding career that can take you anywhere in the world, working with an internationally recognised and respected brand.”

New role established
Andrew Frohock

Will be leading the development and delivery of the company's new digital solutions designed for both commercial and domestic users.


EGO Power Plus has appointed its first Internet of Things (IoT) product manager to its European product team.


Andrew Frohock will be leading the development and delivery of the company's new digital solutions designed for both commercial and domestic users.
From creating enhanced diagnostics and improving customer engagement for dealers, to strengthening product features and services for customers, the company says Andrew’s role will ensure that customers are getting the most out of what their tools and battery platform have to offer.
Andrew brings with him a host of experience having spent most of his career developing solutions, diagnostic systems, and services across a wide range of sectors including smart meters, electric vehicles, and smart home security.
EGO say they have specifically introduced this new role to drive changes through its business and build better value for its customers through enhanced experiences and more responsive services.
Andrew said, “I am thrilled to be joining EGO Power Plus and spearheading its journey into digitalisation. Having committed over a decade of my career to developing diagnostic systems and optimisation solutions, I feel more than equipped to turn my expertise and knowledge of IoT type connectivity to a new industry and bring a fresh perspective to the outdoor battery-powered equipment industry.”
Peter Melrose, managing director at EGO says, “We are continually investing in advancing our portfolio of products and services to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience. We have created the role of IoT product manager and brought Andrew on board to innovate our digital solutions and introduce connected IoT solutions into our business, so that we may provide a superior experience for our customers.
“We are excited to see how Andrew’s experiences in other industries will influence the contributions he makes to the business, bringing EGO into the world of connectivity.” 

For North West Air Ambulance
Funds are being raised all year

The activity kicks off this month with a company-wide sponsored cycle.


Professional machinery dealers GGM Group have committed to a year of activity to support the North West Air Ambulance.


The activity kicks off with a company-wide sponsored cycle, with staff getting on their bikes and riding between their two depots in Haydock and Colne along the Leeds-Liverpool canal on Friday 12th August.

Over 20 team members, from across all departments, will take on the 95km route, finishing off with a well-deserved team bbq to celebrate.

The business, which operates across the North West and Yorkshire, is following in the footsteps of last year’s highly successful charitable efforts, where the organisation raised over £10,000 for charities across the North West, and is keen to build on this success and keep the momentum running.

Managing director Chris Gibson said, “Every year we aim to carry out a number of physical challenges to raise funds for our company charity and it’s a huge highlight in our calendar. We’ve previously completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks and in 2020 we didn’t let lockdown dampen our spirits, carrying out a charity walk and cycle ride in socially distanced stints. We’re very much looking forward to this year’s event and it’s great so many team members want to get involved.”


The event will raise money for the organisation's chosen company charity of the year, the North West Air Ambulance. Since the charity launched in 1999, it operates 365 days a year and they have responded to over 24,500 missions across the Northwest and must raise over £9.5m each year to remain operational.


Chris Gibson concluded, “I am hugely proud of what our staff have committed to do and it is teamwork in the truest sense. Not everyone regularly cycles, yet they have committed to taking part in this challenge for our charity. As a family business, it’s fantastic for us all to come together.

“It’s a key part of our ethos at The GGM Group to give something back to the local community and North West Air Ambulance provide an essential service. Amazingly they receive no government or NHS funding so every penny we raise for the charity makes such a lifesaving difference.”

To support the team and make a donation visit their Justgiving page.

Sponsored Product Announcements
MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O
MSA 220 T

Designed for tree care professionals to remove larger branches or perform crown maintenance with ease.


STIHL has launched the MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, the manufacturers most powerful and durable cordless top handled chainsaws to date, designed for tree care professionals to remove larger branches or perform crown maintenance with ease. 



Recommended with a light-weight 14” guide bar, both MSA 220 T models use a high performing PS3 full-chisel saw chain to achieve a fast, high-quality cut. The recommended AP 300 S battery delivers 2.1 kW of electrical power, providing up to 29 minutes of working time and plenty of power for cutting larger sized branches.


Both models have an adjustable oil pump, an ergonomic trigger system and a 180° LED display, ensuring the operator always has a clear overview of key information such as the operating status of the saw and the chain brake position. In addition to these features, the MSA 220 TC-O also has an oil sensor that will notify the user when the chain oil tank is empty, helping to reduce potential downtime, premature wear to the cutting attachment and the risk of overheating. 


The MSA 220 T and TC-O top handle chainsaws are built with durability in mind and are suitable for use in the toughest conditions thanks to the hard-wearing components. Maintenance of the machine is kept simple via the MSA 220 T’s modular design, allowing housing parts to be removed and replaced quickly and simply. 


Other features include side-mounted chain tensioning, captive nut on the sprocket cover and tool-free oil tank cap as standard. In addition, the MSA 220 T boasts an easy-to-clean air filter for long service life and optimum motor cooling.


For more information on STIHL’s new MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, please visit www.stihl.co.uk. Both models are pre-orderable now, with delivery from September. 

Servicing Dealer Industry First, Profit Second
Gardentrader continues to reinvest all revenues


That’s the philosophy of Garden Trader and we have maintained our affordable annual subscription at £96 for the whole year.  This equates to 26p per day and an average of just 83p for every potential customer the site delivers to dealers. Garden Trader has 160 skilled dealers subscribed up and down the UK and they are all benefiting from the 1m+ dealer search impressions the site generates each year.  People want to buy from people and this highly targeted website is delivering quality leads to subscribed dealers for just 26p per day. 

Our 2020 Summer research showed that on average, each Garden Trader dealer will be sent 114 new customers (or people with a buying intention walking through your door) per year.  This works out at 83p for each new customer. A subscription rate designed to be all inclusive delivering unrivalled online results.  


This site was purpose-built just for skilled servicing ground care dealers by the team that bring you Service Dealer Magazine. It is easy and quick to register and costs just £96 + VAT per year for a full listing.  As this dealer site is designed to promote the UK dealer network, all revenues in 2022 will continue to be reinvested into promoting the site online and so supporting the dealer network.


Join the country’s only independent specialist website, created by the team that bring you Service Dealer. Join our subscribed Garden Trader dealers now by clicking on “Register Dealership” and let's fight back against the zero value retailers.


Map of dealerships registered with Garden Trader



Hampshire/Berkshire/Surrey - Job ref: JN091
De Lacy Executive

As an experienced agricultural engineer, perhaps you're seeking to broaden your horizons across a range of premium machinery brands and products?


FR Jones and Son Ltd
FR Jones & Son

With FR Jones and Son Ltd growing and an exciting expansion into the Midlands, we now have a vacancy for a Workshop Technician to work alongside the Branch Manager and Store Representative at our Redditch branch.


FR Jones and Son Ltd
FR Jones & Son

With FR Jones and Son Ltd growing and an exciting expansion into the Midlands, we now have a vacancy for a Store Representative to work alongside the Branch Manager and Technician at our Redditch branch.


FR Jones and Son Ltd
FR Jones & Son

With FR Jones and Son Ltd growing and an exciting expansion into the Midlands, we now have a vacancy for a Branch Manager to take ownership of the store and workshop and bring it to life with a fresh look and feel.


Sumec UK
Sumec UK

An opportunity for an experienced Business Development professional to join a highly reputable manufacturer and supplier of DIY, garden power equipment and outdoor products.


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